Recycling Resistance?

Ron had a phone call this morning from a very unhappy resident in Canterbury Close, Rayleigh.

The caller had apparently just received his new bins and was very dissatisfied with the new system, saying he was going to get together with his neighbours and return their new bins to the council….

After the call, Ron then passed on the complaint to Michael Starke, the Conservative Cabinet Member with responsibility now for the new system.

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  • My elderly parents live in a metropolitan borough in Manchester where they have had three bins for years now. Despite initial misgivings by some, the system works very well and neighbours help each other out where necessary.
    We really need to give things a chance. No doubt there will be teething problems but really, what’s the alternative?

  • An upside to it is that cardboard can now be recycled and that newspapers etc and now go in the black bin (which is now the recycling bin) giving much more space.

  • I welcome this new service with open arms – I havn’t had a recycling service since I moved here almost 2 1/2 years ago. The council can now start to begin justifying my council tax bill!!

  • I believe that the recycling bins are being delivered gradually at the moment so that the new system will be fully operational by the third week in July.

    It is the manufacturers who are to blame for the plastics situation. If everyone form national govt to the individual put pressure on them to just produce recyclable materials, then the situation could be easily resolved. I’ve heard that some people are leaving half the packaging for their goods at the supermarket as a protest for them not being recyclable. I have my fruit & veggies delivered and the company I use only utilises compostable packaging.

    It really is a disgrace that so much of what we produce cannot be recycled but as individuals, we all have a part to play in protecting the planet.

  • I was very disappointed that the bins for perishables and also garden waste (grass cuttings hedges etc) are so small, they look very small and also have a large lip inside so really are tiny, I would say not very much bigger than a swingbin. I know that I will not have much kitchen waste as all the packaging can now go in another bin, but I do have an awful lot of garden waste and will probably end up with loads of plastic sacks full unable to dispose of them. I do not have a car so cant take it to the dump.

    I agree with recycling but can see a lot of problems with these bins, Can just see them on a windy day with their lids all blown off and flying around and bins being blown over. The old grey/black bins were quite substantial but on the odd occasion they have blown over.

  • I have to agree with you Betty. I guess I am lucky that having the old green waste collection, I am able to keep and use my considerably larger bin for green and kitchen waste. I now wonder how long it will be before someone decides to steal it to replace their somewhat smaller bin?

    I did learn over the weekend that those that live in the Chelmsford District who have a similiar system were also provided with a small kitchen work top bin, designed for placing kitchen waste in before taking it out to the green/food waste bin. A most useful accessory with this system. Luckily for me, my sister in law had two, and I have been able to obtain one. Thus saving me a good few quid on having to go out and buy something similiar. Why is it that RDC have not considered giving its residents the same accessory for their kitchen waste?

  • Well unless you are prepared to buy the proper disposable rubbish sacks seems to me that food (kitchen) waste, old cat dog food has to go in the bin as it is, can just imagine the state they will get in, weekly collections wont matter as some food will always be left in the bin, someone told me to wrap it in newspaper but the freeby papers are put down for my animals. Dont buy newspapers so wont have enough.

    Just a LITTLE question here but why arnt Southend, Castle Point and other places doing it, Southend still have black sacks and dont do any composting at all……..

  • Southend do do composting, but like it used to be here, it is a chargable extra. My parents in law use this service (they live in Westcliff) pay the same amount that I used too here, but have a weekly collection as apposed to our twice monthly (and now non existant) collection.

  • fraid I have relatives in the Southend area near Shoebury and they still have black bin sacks AND THEY HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM as well. Castle Point doesnt seem to have any recycling done either.

  • Seems strange that Southend are operating different services depending on what part of Southend you live in. I know that Westcliff have grey wheelie bin for normal waste, Green waste wheelie bin (a chargeable extra) and pink bags for recycleables. Why they don’t offer the same service throughout their district is only for them to know I guess. I would suggest your relatives contact Southend District Council to find out why they are not getting the same level of service.

  • Hooray for Recycling!!! Its about time that the Council caught up with its neighborours.

    Its just a shame that Rochford Council unfortunately are sadly lacking when it comes to it’s organisation.

    The recent fiasco when Rochford Council decided to start Bank Holiday Collections, a major change in policy, where Residents for years never put the refuse out on Bank Holidays because they knew that the “Bin Men” did not collect on Bank Holidays, the pity was they forgot to inform some of its Residents of this major change. Subsequently whole streets of Residents were left with their rubbish as the dustmen came and went without collecting it as it was not put out!

    The present fiasco is that the Council, having advertised the change in recycling have not :-
    A ) Not delivered the 3rd Bin
    B ) Not delivered the “Information Packs” Leaving their Residents ignorant of the changes including I understand, a change in their collection day!!

    As Residents are supposed this week, to sort their rubbish into various bins for the new system that starts next Monday, as they are unable to discover what goes where because they have not received the “Information Pack” the Council have been inundated with phone calls from Residents, many of them elderly trying to obtain information, which if Rochford Council had just for once organised it properly, there would not be the problems that have been created by the Councils inability to organise the change efficiently.

    If Rochford Counci, paid for by the tax payers, were running a private business theey would have gone bankrupt many years ago.

    Its an assumption that the elected Councillors had an input into the fiasco, the problem is have you tried getting hold of those Councillors responsible.

    Tony Webber

    Disillusioned Resident

  • Tony, had the Lib Dem councillors that were running in the last election been voted in, you would not have had a problem getting hold of us. We all published our home addresses, email and telephone numbers and would have welcomed calls – the Tories clearly can’t handle the prospect of being called at home to justify their mismanagement of the council thus didn’t give out their contact details!

  • Thank you all for your comments, so far, makes interseting reading.

    I am now the keeper of a bin with a purple lid… still no sign of the other one, but thanks to the two info packs we are now very well informed as to what we can put in the new bin/bins (when the other one arrives).

  • Any info when missing bins will be delivered, or a date when you should report a bin missing as my brother in Hockley hasn’t had his green bin yet.

    Also I went into the Grange Stores to buy a kitchen scraps bin and was told they have sold the 60 they had delivered last week, with more coming on Monday.

  • One of my neighbours told me that she had not received her compostables yellow bin when the rest of us in the road had. However it appears that the family next door have received a new yellow bin, even though they also have an old yellow garden waste bin.

    My understanding is that if you used to have a garden waste bin, you would not get a new yellow bin. Could this be why some individuals are a bin short or a recycling system?

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