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Do you live in the more rural parts of Rawreth ? (That is, not Rawreth Lane?) Would you like a green recycling bin? If so, please let us know as soon as possible!

The reason this issue has cropped up is because we had an email recently from a Rawreth resident that began :

“I live in ……… Road Rawreth, and recently applied for a green recycling bin. I was told that they do not collect from my road as it is uneconomic and not environmentally sound to do so. The Council web site clearly states that this scheme is available in Rawreth – it does not say “Rawreth unless you live in………”

Green Recycling told me they only do Rawreth Lane and then from Little Wheatleys into Rayleigh. I have complained and the Council management have come back to me saying there is nothing they can do, it is Green Recycling’s perogative not to go to areas.

They did however offer me leaflets on deals on compost bins – I already have 4 and actually want some way of clearing rubbish that I don’t want in them or take too long to compost down i.e hedge trimmings etc.”

The council looked into this and replied as follows:

“Dear Mrs…..

Thank you for your patience while I looked into this issue.

I have received feedback from Green Recycling who assure me they have considered this in detail. I regret that they inform me that it is not cost effective, or environmentally sound, for them to collect from your end of London Road.

As they provide and administer the scheme they have the prerogative to make this decision if they feel that it is both economically
and environmentally unsound to do so.”

Basically the company who operate the green bin recycling scheme make the decisions on this. Unfortunately, if they don’t think it worthwhile travelling into Rawreth for one bin, they don’t have to do so. (Even though Rawreth isn’t really remote).

However the District Council Waste Management Services team do want to see more recycling. We’ve discussed the issue with them and they may be able to get Green Recycling to cover other areas if there is a significant enough concentration of people in that area who want a green waste collection.

So if you live in Rawreth (away from Rawreth Lane) and you are interested in having a green bin – or your neighbour is – please let us know.

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  • Why are there so few plastic bottle banks, I would have to go to Rawreth Playing Fields or Websters Way Car Park to recycle plastic. Neither of which locations I pass regularly.

    If plastic and cardboard could be collected in the blue box, a lot less would go in my bin.

  • People should be aware that Green Recycling is an additional cost (about £40 a year) – it’s not covered by Council Tax. Why not compost your green waste?

    I note that the RDC website says: “The areas of the District currently covered by the scheme are: Rayleigh, Rawreth, Hockley, Hawkwell, Hullbridge, Ashingdon and Rochford (subject to access).”

    Good to hear that plastics and cardboard will be recycled from next April. I hope this is available to all residents.


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