Rawreth’s Annual Parish Meeting

The annual Parish meeting for Rawreth took place on Wednesday night, there were about 25 people there.

As usual, the friendly atmosphere, cups of tea and coffee and the classy chocolate biscuits made it a good setting to discuss some serious issues.

Probably the most serious matter was the risk of flooding in times of heavy rain. People felt very frustrated that the Environment Agency weren’t willing to de-silt some of the watercourses.

The Sewage Works Stench came up again. Chris Black said he was still waiting to hear when the proposed meeting between Anglian Water and local residents would take place. In the meantime, he added, Richard Evans (head of Environmental Health at Rochford) was willing to come to June’s Parish Council if invited.

Here’s a summary of other items raised:

Two illegally parked vehicles one not taxed. We have passed this on to the District Council Parking Enforcement people, who responded:

a Civil Enforcement Officer attended the area shortly after your call and issued a Penalty Charge Notice to the untaxed vehicle this vehicle has also been reported to the vehicle removal company authorised by the DVLA to remove vehicles found on the highway, that are untaxed. There was a second vehicle parked in close proximity, however, this vehicle was not parked on the restrictions.

A request for a box junction at Bedloes Corner, and a request for bye-laws against parking on grass verges. A couple of things for us to think about and discuss with council officers. Trying to bring in a new district-wide bye-law would need a lot of public consultation.

A question about what herbicide was used to kill the vegetation around the Rayleigh Leisure Centre. The District Council are going to let us know what they used.

Barbed wire at the edge of a couple of private sports pitches. Rochford DC planning enforcement team tell us this is not a planning matter – but the landowner owes a duty of care to whoever goes there.

Scaffolding in a field by the A1245.
Rochford District Council Planning Enforcement are still investigating, but they think it is to do with the electricity pylons and cables. Not an advertising hoarding or something to do with a rave!

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  • Chris, I would just like to ask a question. I assume this is all part of of the issue with the lorries trundling through Rawreth with the Sewage cake in the uncovered lorries.

    I understand that it may not be a problem for Rochford District Council but it is for their residents and by default should be a problem for the council. At least for a caring council. How long does RDC expect residents to put up with an environmental timebomb. We have heard of youngsters being made physically sick because of the stench.

    We have heard of the leader of the council and others taking an interest BUT what is actually going on? I know who owns Anglian Water, I know who we should be in contact with, I have posted this information on this website.

    If the Council will not take this further then I will on behalf of the residents. Mr. Cutmore will you take this to a satisfactory conclusion, or would you like me, a resident, to take this up for you. This cannot be allowed to go on!

  • The other issue I would like to get some confirmation on is regarding the the scaffolding on the A1245. It is to low to have much to do do with the pylons. Someone in authority MUST KNOW WHY THIS HAS BEEN ERECTED, if not, then it is not legal. Rochford District Council, of course, must know exactly what is going on here? Please explain, it does not take an age to ascertain what isgoing on.

  • If it is to effect repairs to the cables (which I suspect it is due to its proximity to the overheads), the scaffolding would be low down – you will probably notice a safety net being erected along the length of the scaffoding in due course.

    When repairs are being done, the engineers work along the wire by being suspended, the safety net is there as a precaution.

    I have seen this type of scaffolding before!

    Electrical Engineers are not required to advise councils of pending works, which is why there is a level of unease over this sudden erection. A simple fear of the unknown!

  • Chris, I know a meeting is being arranged but this has been going on for some little while now and I would have thought that the Head of Environmental Health and the Council Head would want this resolved sooner rather than later. It does not seem to me that either are taking a pro-active stance here.

  • I do hope that when this meeting regarding this ‘health hazard’ is organised it will be open for ALL affected residents, not SOME.

  • I do hope that, like me, many residents have suffered the stench today (Monday 12th May) from 8.30am when we first noticed it until 4pm. The ‘sewerage’ smell is not how I would describe a ‘country’ smell. We lifted all our manhole drain covers to ensure that our sewers were not blocked. Anglian Water have still a lot to answer for!! Please, please do something about this because if we live in a close off of Downhall Park Way, what must it be like for those nearer to the site than we are?

  • It may help to email the Head of Environmental Health at Rochford District Council with a copy to terry Cutmore detailing how your day is affected by the smell of this sewage. It appears that this is not a top priority as far as the senior council officials are concerned. Maybe the national newspapers would be interested in the story and how long it has been affecting residents?

  • I personally do not think that a local paper can do that much damage as the national press could. Think what The Sun could make of it!! Not a tabloid that I would personally buy but when you consider the amount of coverage it would get then perhaps Anglian Water would get their act into gear and do something for us.

  • That might be true Rita, I think first we shoule do some research into how many problems there are like this across the country. A Google search for “Anglian Water” + “Stench” throws up quite a lot of examples!

  • Chris, might it be better to find out before the meeting if the problem is a big issue. If it is an issue in the area that Anglian Water service then delegates from each area affected would have much more clout, especially if one or two papers were also invited to attend.

  • Is this stench the one that smells like used animal bedding / straw etc?
    I’ve been blaming my neighbours animals! 😳

    It used to be a lot nastier smelling than it is now, but it’s still not pleasant.

  • My wife & daughters have been blaming me??!!!!!!!! We can control robots on Mars from Earth, grow human fingers back with powder, BUT can’t stop or disguise the smell of **** on a lorry or at a sewage works!! My ghast is flabbered …..

  • I’m sure that the technology and best working practices must exist to eliminate such odours but it’s a matter of spending money. That’s what happens when a country sells off national utilities: profit first, people second.

    dum vita est spes est

  • Good to hear from bedloes bawler . The stench has been a continuous aggrovation to many residents for over a year . I agree totally with Alison over the giving away of our utilities for private profit . It was the old urban council who origionally built the works in beeches road with the ratepayers money how have we benefitted by privitisation ? with continuous fobbing off of their responsibilities to the environment of residents in rayleigh hullbridge battlesbridge and rawreth . It has taken a year for district EHO to realise they had the power to do something to control the nuisance even then anglia appear to have got round the enforcement by using the site to store limed **** from other sites . Every time they disturb the heap another wave of “stench” is distributed to wherever to wind takes it. It would be interesting to see how many hits on this site there have been on the subject over the last few months .
    I am a farmer and we do occasionally produce farmyard smells but that is nothing in comparison with the Stench !

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