RDC Secures £45,000 Funding For Sweyne Park Playground



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RDC have swung into action and secured £45,000 from Enovert Community Trust to upgrade the Sweyne Park Playground in Downhall & Rawreth ward. This can only be good news for those fun-loving kids to enjoy the great outdoors! Here at onlineFOCUS, we’re hugely passionate about our parks and playgrounds. These facilities are open for all to enjoy and spend some time outdoors.

We’ve asked the District Council when they anticipate the project being completed and as soon as we’ve had a response will let onlineFOCUS readers know.

The full press release from Rochford District Council can be read here


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    • Yes, this is good news! We’ve heard that this is now out for tender so hopefully in the next month or so we should get a timescale for the project. Watch this space!

  • This is good news, the playground has looked a little uninspiring since they removed the old equipment and only fitted a few new items.

    On a slightly different note, is there anyway that the entrance points to Sweyne Park can be improved? At this time of year they are just large, muddy puddles at every entrance – can be very slippery and you’re likely to get mud on your clothes. The field itself is not too bad, but it is a bit of a trial actually trying to get in.

    • You make a good point about the entrances – we don’t see why something can’t be done about this and one of the team will contact officers to see if we can get the entrance ways made a bit more durable for the wet weather – we’ll update you as soon as we get a response

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