Rayleigh’s Art Festival This Saturday




Just a quick reminder that Rayleigh’s Art Festival is this Saturday….

Lots of information here.

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  • you was a really good friend blessin man you was always there for anyone that needed help i fill really up set for you and you mum because you lost your dad a couple of mouths before your mum came home and found out you had just died i no that the man should so in jail for what he has done everyone has been crying over you man they miss you to bits and we all want you back but now we no you have gone up to your dad in heaven to rest in peace that is were nothing can happen to you im going to lay some flowers down for you tonight and give your mum a card and say im very sorry for what has happend i miss you man and cant stop thinking bout what has happend i guess i will see you when i come up cant wate to see you again man R.I.P miss you lods

  • Martin
    Wednesday there was a chemical type smell wafting from the west . I believe it may have emanated from shotgate sewage works as there was a fire burning all day . They used to have regular fires there of combustible detritous from sewage , which was not always pleasant. It may have been a pre emergent spray called crystal /ice which has a very pungent smell but unlikely as it was too windy yesterday to spray .It is fairly harmless .

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