Rayleigh University Of The Third Age

There was a little item in the Echo this week about the University of the Third Age:

PENSIONERS have paid a visit to Westminster after an offer by Rayleigh MP Mark Francois.

Tory MP Mr Francois hosted the visit to Parliament by the Rayleigh branch of the University of the Third Age.

The U3A helps promote lifelong learning, particularly for those who have retired and encourages people to take an interest in subjects from literature to Latin.

If you want to know more about the Rayleigh branch of the U3A, they have their own website here:

“Rayleigh U3A is an organisation devoted to the concept of encouraging people, who are usually retired from full-time employment, to pursue their interest in a wide range of academic and leisure activities. …

…….. Membership is open to anyone no longer in full-time employment and covers the area of Rayleigh, Hockley, Wickford and neighbouring villages. There is an annual subscription which covers administration costs,….It entitles members to take part in any of the activity groups, to attend the monthly meetings, and to receive a monthly newsletter, as well as the U3A News from National Office. Membership will be limited to 225. This is due to the capacity of the hall in which in the monthly meetings are held. Any social events, outings, holidays etc. will incur additional costs.

…… Conducted on a self-help group basis, we are part of the international University of the Third Age movement….

…..Membership enquiries and requests for an information pack via the web should be emailed to the Membership Secretary (membershipsecretary@rayleighu3a.org.uk), stating your name, address and telephone number….”.

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