Rayleigh Town Council Clashes With Rochford District Council Over Traveller Site Allocations




It appears Rayleigh Town Councils Councillors are beginning to get fed up with Rochford Districts Council failure to deliver a legal travellers site in the District.

In an impassioned letter from Rayleigh Town Council, Rochford District Councils managing director, Shaun Scrutton is taken to task over their lack of delivery of a legal travellers site, as required by law. Managing Director, Shaun Scrutton has angrily responded to Rayleigh Town Council albeit still refusing to answer the question that was asked of him - "....if you would explain to Rayleigh Town Council how RDC intends to take measures to immediately address this situation"

....this problem is really quite minute 

Shaun Scrutton, MD, Rochford District Council

Rochford DIstrict Council has had the opportunity to deliver a legal site since 2011 and due to it's 'dithering' and clear lack of leadership, has now left residents open to a recent change in central Government policy which could mean 'illegal' travellers sites on green belt are sanctioned by Government planning inspectors. 

The original letter from Rayleigh Town Council is available to read here and the response can be found here. 

What do you think? Are you worried that Rochford DIstrict Councils failure to act could open up greenbelt opportunities for the travelling community?

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