Rayleigh To Get Electric Vehicle Charging Points (But Only for Taxis)




Rochford District Council has announced that Rayleigh is to get electric vehicle (EV) charging point after a successful funding bid.

Of course, we welcome the news of an initiative that could help reduce the illegal levels of air pollution in Rayleighs High St but can’t help thinking that perhaps a public vehicle charging point would have served the community better and been in greater demand.

Electric Vehicle Charging Point to be installed in Rayleigh

We’ve taken to the phones to check with local taxi firms ‘Bestax‘ and ‘Cab 24/7’ to find out how many electric taxis they’ve got in their fleet – that’ll be a BIG FAT ZERO then! Nil point RDC for research.

Whilst the idea is positive, is it targeting a clearly limited audience, maybe the EV charging point should be for both taxis and public vehicles? It could of course be a case of ‘build it and they will come’ (field of dreams) but with costs and range of electric vehicles is it a practical solution for taxis at the moment?

We can’t see a queue forming in the short term for the use by either party.

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  • If this is for taxis only how does one know if the charging is used for taxi use or there own use (take the magnetic stickers off the cars and use the car for there own use)

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