Rayleigh Recycling Centre

Complaints are often made on social media about Rayleigh Recycling Centre in Castle Road which is operated by Essex County Council. We’d urge residents to contact your Essex County Councillors (June Lumley – Rayleigh South / Malcolm Maddocks – Rayleigh North) to stress your concerns about the sites location. Clearly it’s outgrown its space so alternatives really need to be looked at.
Here’s an example of the chaos faced by one of our onlineFOCUS readers

  • Make it a one way system from the Recyling centre to Daws Heath Road in the very short term then move the centre, it should of happened years ago. It is also dangrous for people crossing the road, Ive seen some close encounters with kids.

    • Hi Peter – a worthy proposal of further investigation. We will contact the ECC Councillors to see if they can look at this further – thanks for your suggestions, we will post any updates we receive back from them

      • Has there been any update on the Recycle Center and the high volume of traffic issue?

        Traffic was queued past Queens Road on Sunday…

  • We have recently moved to castle road, unfortunately close to the recycle centre. It is constantly busy but only when the gates are closed does it become a major issue. Today there is traffic on both sides of the street, blocking the entrance to our property and many others, and is completely un-monitored and out of control. If moving the site isn’t an option then there needs to be more rules in place for the people waiting on the road, i.e. if the gates are closed no waiting past the end of the private road leading to the site. It is is a daily struggle we have to contend with when leaving our property not to mention the increased noise and air pollution caused by the cars waiting, playing loud music and running their engines, we can’t have our windows open at peak time due to the smell of fumes that overwhelms myself and my pregnant partner. Are there any plans in place to make this better for residents of the area?