Rayleigh Recycling Centre To Reopen

Essex County Council have announced the reopening of 15 recycling centres across Essex and on that list is Rayleigh.

We do have concerns with the reopening of the Castle Rd Centre with the pre Covid chaos congestion that is often experienced by users of the Centre. With an expectation of the high demand, Essex County Council would have been wise to operate an appointment only system to restrict the availability and ease the burden on the staff & surrounding road network.

On their website they state that “Long queues outside the sites may add to local traffic congestion. You may be asked to move on if you are causing an obstruction.” – although we have never seen any enforcement on the highway around this site before.

If it’s really ‘a must’ to visit the site, then be prepared for a long wait. With social distancing rules in place, more people at home from work, you could be well advised to take a book to read while you wait!