Rayleigh Leisure Centre Update




The following report from Virgin Leisure is coming to the Rochford DC Central Area Committee on Thursday:

Rayleigh Leisure Centre

  • Advertisements in the Evening Echo with monthly offer.
  • Flyers distribution with monthly offer, plus leaflets for sports courses.
  • Internal posters with monthly offer and activities that are offered.
  • Activities and Events:
    ? Bowls committee meetings take place the first week of every month. These are attended by the General Manager of RLC to help answer any centre queries.
    ? The bowls club is moving into the competition time of year, filling the centre with bowls enthusiasts.
    ? New prices for the Bowls Memberships have been confirmed with the Bowls Committee for September 2008 and will commence at the renewal period in August-September 2008.

    Activities Programme:
    ? The new activities programme that started in January seems to be well attended, s are both the adult and junior courses.
    ? We are working closely with the Extended Schools co-ordinators to bring in activities for children and parents to enjoy together. We are starting to run Dads and Lads football in February.
    ? The centre has a range of community based blocked bookings, covering a range of activities including football coaching, junior gym, judo, karate, a slimming group and a disabled group. Cr?che:
    ? The creche is running successfully under the direction the new Cr?che Manager, with one of our cr?che customers winning the junior Christmas Card competition for Virgin Active and having her Card as the annual Christmas card for all the Virgin sites.
    ? The feedback from the themes and arts and crafts sessions has been very positive and numbers are increasing and we have also started to open on a Monday afternoon for 1.5 hours on a 10 week trial basis to encourage more customers to use the facilities in quieter times.

    Maintenance and other issues:
    ? The Paintwork refresh programme has been completed and has been well received.
    ? The roof leak in January caused some damage to the centre and closed resulting in the centre closing for a total of 5 hours. The centre re-opened the following day at 07.00am and the roof leak was fixed in-house by the VA maintenance team.
    ? Issues continue with the Skate Park and increased youth anti-social behaviour has been reported. A meeting is being planned with the local police community support team and RDC Leisure Team to see what we can be put in place to help combat this.

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  • Considering the Skate Park is nothing to do with RLC (as confirmed to me by their GM), I wonder why they are having this meeting with the Police Community Support Team and not RDC who are responsible for it? Although I appreciate that this is causing problems for the Leisure Centre in so much as graffiti and litter, it has got to be the council that call and chair this meeting. After all it is their responsibility!

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