Rayleigh Leisure Centre Opens – Any Comments?




Leisure Centre Sign

The Rayleigh Leisure Centre has finally opened today, with the official opening performed by Paralympic gold medallist Danny Crates.

Ron Oatham, Simon Smith , Mark Francois and Phil Capon

There were plenty of councillors along for the big day. It was particularly good to see Joe Capon, baby son of Tory Councillors Phil and Tracy Capon. Tory County Councillor Stephen Castle told Chris Black that there was no point in being nice to this baby as it was already a Conservative but Chris replied “Don’t be so sure , I was a Conservative child myself

Capon Family

If you have any comments about the floodlighting of the leisure centre, please continue to leave them on the floodlighting post. Otherwise if you have any other comments about the leisure centre over the next few weeks- good or bad- please feel free to make them below.

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  • Me and my partner fully appreciate the the new centre and have so far used it on several occasions – mainly the badminton courts (for me ) and classes (for her).
    We enjoy the diverse array of facilities within the complex but feel the bowls green wasted space that could be used for other things – i.e spinning classes.
    I can see that this sport appeals to some people – but on every occasion ive been to the gym, i have yet to see anyone use the facility.
    Should this not be reduced in size. to allow for such wanted classes like spinning?
    We know from gyms like Virgin and people alike that this class is in much demand.
    This centre is great for Rayleigh, just please consider it needs.

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