Rayleigh Fire Station To Close ????




We have just heard a rumour that Rayleigh Fire Station is going to be closed and that the town will be covered in future from Hadleigh. Apparently an announcement will be made on Monday.

As we said – this is only a rumour , but we have heard it from two sources….

With a growing population and increasing traffic congestion, it’s hard to see how this can be justified…..

UPDATE Friday Evening: a good source tells us that the proposal is for Rayleigh and Hadleigh fire stations to both be closed and be replaced by a new ‘bells and whistles’ fire station at Rayleigh Weir.

This would be after public consultation and a planning application. So we aren’t going to comment further until we get more information.

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  • This proposal was first discussed by the Fire Service some fifteen years ago but with 51 fire stations in Essex replacement programmes take time. One a year would take half a century.
    Do not judge the decision without knowing the reasons for the move. The strategy is sound and will bring a better service to the south east of Essex. Part time stations like Rayleigh face manning problems all the time and cover from full time stations has to take place on a regular basis. This move will eradicate a large percentage of the problem and provide better emergency cover for the area as a whole. Canvey residents will not be happy however!
    Wait until the full details are available before making ill informed decisions.

  • I noticed the site for the new fire station, next to Essex Ford is being cleared. I believe this will be a site for a replacement station for Hadleigh.

    I don’t know if the Rayleigh Station will stay open, as I think this is manned by retained fireman, so the response times from the other side of the weir should be just as quick?

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