Rayleigh – “Developing Chavtown”




As many other towns around Essex start to spiral out of control it is Rayleigh that is often overlooked by critics. With violence escalating and the hoards of hooded gangs slowly dominating the streets it is not long before the once quaint town of Rayleigh is transformed into yet another ghetto of in-bred pikey?s and chav?s obsessed with destroying anything around. The evidence against Rayleigh mounts up as crime begins its rise and education begins its fall.

Is the writer of this article being pessimistic – or realistic?

We’d love to hear from him , and ask him for his thoughts on how to improve things.

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  • I have to say that certain aspects of this persons article to be true. I travel home from London every weekday evening and quite often there are groups of so-called hoodies hanging around Rayleigh station. Although as yet they have yet to cause any trouble (that I know of) I feel that its only a matter of time. Lets be like Billericay Station and nip it in the bud, by following their example and playing something like classical music through the tannoy system in order to deter them from hanging around.

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