Rawreth: Reminders, Rainfall And Rejoicing In The Rectory



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First of all , a reminder that Rawreth Parish Council meets again tomorrow tonight at 7:30 in the Village Hall.

Secondly, here’s a few photos that we’ve been sent as a reminders of the flooding in the Rawreth area last week. One reason why putting so many houses here is the wrong idea. The surface water drainage problems are bad enough already.


And last but not least – congratulations to Heather Whicker and Paul Trathen of Rawreth Rectory on the birth of their twins (Skye and Aidan?) last Sunday!

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  • I noticed that the ditch that runs along beside the Downhall Park Way stretch of Sweyne Park had a high water level this morning. Where the ditch runs through a pipe under the entrance to the playground/allotments, the pipe was completely submerged.

    The Carpenters Arms roundabout was also flooded last night, as was Watery Lane (again).

  • Yes Watery Lane was flooded again last night to a depth of 2 feet and obviously the road closed. Cllr Hudson please note!! this is where you want to direct the traffic from the new houses you want to put in the Hullbridge/Northeast Rawreth area.

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