Rawreth Parish Council Update

Rawreth PC held their last meeting before their summer break, and as usual offered their usual hospitality to any members of the public who came along – on this occasion, tea, coffee and swiss roll.

A lot of subjects were covered – here are a few details:

West Rayleigh Sewage works – still a lot of unhappiness with the situation. Anglian Water have been making some efforts to improve things – for example, they are going to install CCTV to make sure that vehicles leaving the site are properly sheeted. However the Parish Council is going to contact Mark Francois MP and the District Council over a particular issue that they are very concerned about (we’ll probably write a bit more about this in a couple of weeks)

The Thin Blue Line Parish Councillor Rita Coombs raised the issue of a blue line that has been drawn just inside the perimeter of Rawreth Playing Field, presumably as an instruction to dog owners to keep their dogs on the edge of the field. However Rita didn’t think that there had been any consultation on this from the District Council. She also said that if you followed the line there wasn’t room fro two dogowners to comfortably pass one another.

Grass Verges Parish Council Chairman Alistir Matthews said that some grass verges were still overgrown and in a dangerous state – there was some criticism of County Highways for not looking after them better.

Their next meeting is on the first Wednesday in September.

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  • I’m glad the issue of the grass verges has been raised. I don’t know the official reason for not maintaining them – creating habitats for wildlife, preventing dazzle from oncoming cars on dual carriageways, etc. – but I assume the real reason is that it saves money if you don’t have to pay someone to cut them.

    However, this practice is dangerous. Long grass on the roadsides and in central reservations restricts vision for drivers, increasing the risk of an accident, and interfering with smooth traffic flow at junctions and roundabouts. Particularly bad are the approaches to the Carpenter’s Arms roundabout and A127 roundabout on the A1245, and also the slip roads onto the A127, where the long grass prevents you from seeing the traffic that you are trying to merge with until the last minute.

    This issue seemed to occur last year for the first time, so I assume this is new council policy.

  • Anyone had any problems regarding the delivery of their new bins!!! My refuse bin was emptied on Tuesday with a note on it saying not to be used from now on for anything but ‘recyclables’. What do I do with my compostables? No bin has yet been delivered for this in spite of my having contacted the helpline number on numerous occasions. At the moment my ‘compostable’ kitchen waste is sitting smoldering in the corner!!!

  • We hasd no recylcable bin or compostable bin delivered so sent message yesterday and recieved recyclable first thing this morning ,recieved a phone call some time later saying would be delivered later having already arrived thought we may get another sometime . Still no compostable but no worries there as we have 5 daleks composting quietly away in the garden ! Gloria if you have nowhere to put your waste walk it over the road and we will compost it for you !

  • Thanks Alister. I may be on your doorstep yet with my bag of ‘compostables!! What was all the activity down on the Sewage Works today? All very mysterious.

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