Rawreth Parish Council Supports Spreading Housing Fairly

We understand that Rawreth Parish Council have just sent the following response to the District Council:

Rawreth residents have already indicated both in the questionnaire that preceded the Parish Plan and the plan itself that it would not welcome any further development in the area except for low cost/affordable housing. Like Canewdon, any large scale development would destroy the character of the community. The Residents of Rawreth love the Village for its peace and tranquillity, its friendliness and truly rural character. They hope to keep it that way. If District choose to ignore the contents of the Parish Plan it makes mockery of the Parish Plan Process.

Council are opposed to any small community having large housing development against their expressed wishes and believe the best option to be adding housing in proportion to the existing development. It is their understanding that there are no proposals to improve the existing infrastructure and without this it is better to distribute the homes fairly across the District.

We agree with what they are saying – especially the bit about opposing “any small community having large housing development against their expressed wishes” That applies to every village in our district – from Rawreth to Stambridge and Canewdon.

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