Local Bodies Still Objecting to Asda Scheme

We understand that Rawreth Parish Council has sent the following to Rochford District:

For the Attention of Mr. Mike Stranks

Copies to Mr. Mark Francois MP, County Cllr. Castle, Ward and Parish Councillors.

Planning Application 05/01049/REM Asda Stores Ltd., Park School Site, Rawreth Lane, Rayleigh, Essex

Council Comment is as follows:
1) Objections to previous application (05/00599/REM) are valid (and attached).
2) Additional Comments on Road Safety
a) Believe a light controlled crossing should be provided to the west of junction in Rawreth Lane to link with either the dual use (pedestrian/cyclist) pavement of spine road or dual use access pavement through residential area. Council consider this imperative for access to the School by foot or bicycle to preclude crossing both Rawreth Lane and the Spine Road. Despite request made during the ASDA presentation to Rawreth Parish Council the application still fails to show any provision for cyclists.
b) Believe HGV’s should be prohibited beyond 1st roundabout in spine road to prevent ASDA delivery lorries using the road to the detriment of buses and parent vehicles. It should be limited to buses and access only.
c) It cannot be emphasised enough that the total traffic generated from the Park School Site will, based on ASDA’s figures, increase the existing traffic flows by 30%. This is considered to be totally unacceptable on the existing infrastructure.
3) Council consider that the District Members were poorly briefed at the Outline Planning Stage in how much they could influence both the design and use of the Neighbourhood centre and highway issues. Council believe that County Highways bear some responsibility for poor advice on highway issues.

S. R. Croucher

We also know that Rayleigh Chamber of Trade is also maintaining its objections to the new planning application.

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