Rawreth Meeting and Rawreth Highways Danger




Ron and Chris both went to the Rawreth Parish Annual meeting on Wednesday night. It was a good evening, with about 20 members of the public there. That’s quite a high figure considering Rawreth’s population – more chairs had to be put out!

  • There was a presentation made to Spencer Croucher, the parish clerk who has just stepped down.
  • Alaistir Matthews was elected chairman, and Lyn Hopkins vice-chairman.
  • Suzanne Wilstshire was co-opted as a member, following Rita Coombs who was co-opted last month
  • In the public part of the meeting, one of the main concerns was about vehicles not complying with the ‘keep left’ obelisks in Rawreth Lane. One resident said that he had seen vehicles going right of an obelisk on numrous occasions, for example when a bus had stopped in front, or when the lights were red to allow a neighbour to come out of their drive. This is very dangerous for other motorists and pedestrians who aren’t exopecting vehicles to be coming at them from the wrong direction.

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