Rawreth Lane Roadworks Fiasco




We’ve been contacted by a few people who are cheesed off with the long time the ‘temporary’ traffic lights have been in Rawreth Lane, because of the building works going on near Farm View.

As we understood as councillors that the roadworks were due to be finished by June 16th, we were pretty puzzled as well. So we contacted the local County Highways office, and they aren’t too happy either:

To begin with , nobody had told them that the lights were still there, and they thanked us for letting them know. As far as they believed ,the lights should have come off on the 16th of June. They have asked around and discovered that the contractor submitted a second road opening notice running from the 12th to the 30th of June through their consultants without informing the Highways Area Office. They are not happy about this at all but unfortunately it is quite legal and we understand there is little that can do about it. However a highways inspector will be visiting the site to determine if there is anyway they can do to speed up the process.

So we are annoyed with the County’s highways consultants. But one good lesson comes out of this – if Rawreth Lane suffers so much with these temporary traffic lights, isn’t it clear now that a supermarket at the Park School site (with traffic lights) would be worse?

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