Rawreth Lane Roadworks (again)




We’ve had the following email from a Rayleigh resident:

Hello Chris and Ron,
I find myself writing to you absolutely exasperated about the traffic lights adjacent (and related to ) the new house construction on Rawreth Lane.

My issue is the massive traffic jams they are causing in both directions on Rawreth lane. Traffic has been known to trail back to the Main set of lights at the Old A130 Junction andin the other direction to the hambro shops. One night the lights were only working in one direction resulting in further chaos.

The inconvenience and frustation caused to local residents must be immense (it is for my household)

I appreciate that Councillors may not be able to do much about this, but
I wish to air my grievance.

I note the work is scheduled for 13 weeks (right through the festive season) . I would hope that instead of maintaining works for this length, that they condense the work by either sensible planning or increased work hours.

Again this another annoyance in relation to the new builds that local residents have endured since the construction began at the Downhall park way sites and beyond over the last 3 or more years. These include continuous construction traffic (trucks, tradesmen etc), temporary road
works, noise, and parking issues.

I will be very interested to hear your views on this.

Our views? Of course it’s exasperating, and it’s frustrating that we as councillors can’t do too much about it.

It would have been much better if the junction of Priory Chase and Rawreth Lane (that leads to the Leisure Centre and St Nicholas School) had been completed before any of the homes, school or leisure centre had been occupied. After all, that’s what was supposed to happen on the outline planning consent for the site, but it’s been ignored. If the junction had been done first , there would only be two-way traffic at the roadworks rather than three-way.

To be fair to the local highways office, they are aware of the huge headache this is causing, and they are doing their best to speed things up. Wehave asked them for an update on how thisng are going, and will let you know what we find out.

As for previous sets of roadworks, read here and here

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