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Network Rail have been sending out a letter to ‘lineside neighbours’ about upcoming railway works in Rayleigh. They will be carrying out improvement works between Southend and Shenfield from 13 June and lasting until 2019. Presumably each individual bit of track will be undergoing works only once during the four years.

However the main aspect of this is that there will be four access points for the road-to-rail vehicles, and one of these will be at ‘the western end of Rayleigh Station Car Park” and this will be used at certain times at overnight and at weekends. Network Rail say “some disruption is inevitable but we do what we can to minimise this.” They have arranged a drop-in session at the Cloister West of Holy Trinity Church next Tuesday 9th June 6.15-8.15 pm where you can get more info.

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  • I have been liasing with Network Rail with regards to railway disruption for years, as many residents on the Birds Estate will already know. I was made aware of this some time ago and it is following my various meetings with NR representatives that they have agreed to proceed with a ‘drop in’ session. It actually sounds far worse than it is, and as I probably live nearest to the railway line access point than anyone else in Rayleigh, I should know. For all those who received letters living in Kingfisher, Love Lane, Crown Hill etc. I am confident you will have no disruption whatsoever. In fact, in all the years I’ve been speaking to Network Rail about noise and/ or disruption complaints etc. I’ve never received one from anyone living in Wheatley Ward. If anyone has any questions, queries or concerns, please contact me via my Rochford District Council email address and I will gladly tell you everything you need to know, and if I don’t know it, I have the mobile number and personal email address of the project manager from Network Rail, so I can very easily and quickly find anything out for you.

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