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Chris Black has submitted the following question to next week’s full council:

Transportation of Human Sewage Cake on uncovered road vehicles

a) Does the Leader of the Council share my anger on hearing complaints that human sewage cake is still sometimes being transferred to the West Rayleigh Sewage works in uncovered vehicles?

b) What is the current situation regarding stopping this from happening any more?

c) Could Rochford DC introduce bye-laws to prohibit this?

d) What are the names and office addresses of the individuals at Anglian Water who are permitting this to happen?

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  • Chris, You will have all the residents behind you 100% on this, no matter who they vote for. It is disgraceful that this is still allowed to go on. More apathy!

  • Chris, Mike is right. This is a disgraceful situation. Compaies House is useful for Director details as it give home addresses too. A letter to a home address asking if they would like such cargo transported past their front door would probably be more effective!

  • Trevor – it’s a very good question, but apparently it probably is legal.

    And as for the 21st Century – it sounds more like the 14th, with Baldrick and Blackadder sitting on a manure cart.

  • I would also like to know if any of those 112 building firms that have been accused of being involved in forming a cartel to defraud local authorities, when bidding for building contracts, are any that Rochford District Council has used.

  • Legal or not, it should just be a matter of common sense and decency!
    EDMUND BLACKADDER “Give the likes of Baldrick the vote and we’ll be back to cavorting druids, death by stoning, and dung for dinner” ……

  • Here I go again!! Human excrement being carried past our front doors?!!
    You want me to think about the environment? I’m paying £2,000.00 per year for this privilege? Stuff this ‘corrupt’ country and the environment. February, one not too well granddaughter, fine day, “Let’s go into the garden and get some fresh air”. Uncovered ‘xxxx’ lorry comes by, one granddaughter throwing up. Don’t ask me to do ‘my bit’ for the environment, until our ‘Council’ does.

  • Another lorry yesterday around 0745. This one had a green skip which was not secure and debris was falling from it. Managed to get a poor quality photo from a mobile at the Rawreth lane traffic lights

  • maybe we should all take some of the xxxx and deposit outside the frontdoors of Anglian Water’s Directors. Why do our Council not make this a priority and take it up for their residents! Surely when they have just ben voted in they should now make efforts to get this resolved quicky, or will we get more apathy from them. This could be sorted out very quickly if someone personally went to see Anglian Water and threatened legal action. It surely is a public health issue!

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