Questions for Full Council Next Month

Chris Black has so far submitted the following written questions for next months Full Council meeting:

Question to the Portfolio Holder for Planning and Transportation:

“There has been a recent High Court ruling that Tower Hamlets Council acted unlawfully when it granted planning permission for a fast food takeaway because councillors had voted in favour of permission after being wrongly directed that they could not take account of the proximity of the local secondary school.

How is this likely to affect planning policy in Rochford District and does it have any repercussions on the recent planning consent for commercial units in Priory Chase , Rayleigh, near St Nicholas School? ”

Question to the Portfolio Holder for Planning and Transportation:

“Can you please give an update on how the Liberal Conservative Coalition Government’s new policies are impacting on our Local Development Framework ?
In particular, will this council be changing the proposed housing figures established under the previous Labour government? If we reduce the overall housing figures for our district – something that most residents that I represent are hoping for- how can we best ensure that the housing that is built provides the affordable homes that local people need?

Question to the Portfolio Holder for Service Development/Improvement and Performance Management :

“Does the council keep any record of emails sent to members via the email addresses that we are given?”

  • Michael Hoy and I have given notice for a Motion to be put to Full Council on 27 July.

    “Pursuant to the Parliamentary Statement made by The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government on 6 July 2010, this Council agrees to carry out a housing needs study for Rochford District and adjust the housing allocations proposed in the Core Strategy to satisfy the minimum needs of our community.”