Protests In the East




From time to time, we do have to smile to ourselves (otherwise I think we would cry and cause a major flood). Residents are now up in arms over the land allocation for 600 homes in the east of the district next to Holt Farm primary school. Rightly so though, as for many, it will probably be the first they’ve heard of it that large swathes of the countryside will be turned into a concrete jungle!

They’ve been outside protesting today which can be seen in this Facebook video courtesy of the ‘Southend-On-Sea’ facebook page.

Ironically in the first couple of the minutes of the video, two Conservative portfolio holders can be seen talking to the camera about how they want to fight the development. There seems to be a trend here that Conservative decisions are later then challenged once the residents ‘get wind’ of those decisions. There was the libraries, the policing cuts, the over-development, the NHS… need we go on!

It really is a shameful display of underhandedness by Conservative councillors and one we hope residents are mindful of when looking for support.

We are sure there will be a lot more to come on this story in the weeks ahead.

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