Protection for the green belt in Castlepoint but what about Rochford?




This week, the Echo has reported that “an inspector for the department for communities and local government, is shown on video telling Castle Point councillors they would not be forced to release green belt to meet housing targets.”

What could this mean for the Rochford District, where, as we already know, the green belt is heavily under threat from the Conservatives plans to ‘build build build’. With no pushback from the MP for Rayleigh and Wickford (unlike Rebecca Harris in Castlepoint) and no serious challenge coming from the Conservative-controlled council in Rochford – is Rochford’s green belt being eyed up by officers at Rochford District Council for the new local plan?

It is highly likely given the track record of Rochford District Council, that further huge housing estates will be dropped into the plan with little or no infrastructure* they will continue to sacrifice our green belt land with little regard for residents wishes.

*On infrastructure…. the leader of Rochford District Council commented this week during a Council meeting, that the new roundabout at Hambro was a good example of infrastructure being delivered! One roundabout for 1200 houses isn’t exactly setting your sights high in our opinion!!!

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