Proposed demolition of existing buildings. Redevelopment of the site to provide 2 No commercial units and 26 No residential apartments with associated landscaping

Despite the country being in a state of paralysis, an application has been received during the lockdown period to redevelop the former Dairy Crest site.
This application comes following a previous application was refused in January 2020. The applicant has reduced the number of units on their latest application although we note that their original application refusal is also being appealed.

Original Application – 35 Units / 2 Commercial Units

The latest application is for 26 units / 2 Commercial Units. You can see the plans here or comment on the application

  • Concerns how will the junction with the High St and Eastwood Rd be affected? What will the commercial premises sell? Will this be social housing?

    • We don’t know the use of the commercial property yet – it could be office use? There should be a number of ‘affordable’ housing units thought this shouldn’t be confused with social housing. As for the highway capacity, we think will probably be the main concern for most people

  • The Council and Ecc should use this application as an opportunity to reconfigure the junction and introduce lights to include the Crown Hillhigh St

    The concept of using this Brownfield site is good as it could save green belt development