Problems on the A127 Near Southend




Earlier this year we reported on problems on the A127 just by the boundary with Southend. First of all, there are seven lighting columns in the central reservation that aren’t working. Secondly, the road surface itself is in a poor state of repair.

We ave now had the following reply from County Highways:

Street Lighting – These outages near the Southend boundary have been worked on during the past few months and at times it was thought that the fault had been rectified and the lights were operational for a short time. We are starting a program of works on all lights on the central reserve along the A127 tonight starting at the M25. We should reach the Southend boundary in about 2 to 3 weeks and at this time a permanent solution should be found.

Carriageway Surface – The A127 along the length in question was originall constructed in concrete bays with joints in between. This has since been overlaid with bituminous material. Unfortunately due the underlying clay these concrete bays have a tendency to move resulting in the joints being pushed up which may or may not affect the traffic noise. One solution would be to plane off and re-lay 100mm of the bituminous material. Eventually however the joints would again move. The cost of carrying out these works over a 100 metre section in the vicinity mentioned would be in the region of ?35,000 and unfortunately funding for this is not available this year. I shall make a note of the problem and review the situation next year.

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