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Fed up and concerned opposition parties on Rochford District Council, the Lib Dem Party, Rochford District Residents and the Green Party have joined forces on the important issue of Air Quality, after Rochford District Council turned down their request to increase the number of Air Quality Monitoring stations across the district

The three parties are aligned in wanting to ensure their residents are not suffering the harmful, dangerous & deadly effects caused by NO2 gases which are caused by our increasingly congested roads.

They are launching a ‘Healthy Air’ campaign across the District and are keen for members of the public to get involved.
Spokespersons for the newly formed campaign Cllrs John Mason, James Newport and Michael Hoy state, “We believe that the continued national air quality limits maybe exceeded in some places across the Rochford District and we need to ensure that our public health is being monitored in areas of concern.

The Council’s current strategy is very limited in where Air Quality is monitored so we must take matters into our own hands for the safety and welfare of our residents.

Younger children, the elderly and people with breathing difficulties are most vulnerable to poor air quality and we have a duty to protect them.”

The first new privately funded placements of monitoring equipment have been started in Jan 2017. Funding is being supplied by the three cross party group Councillors.

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  • I welcome this pro-active approach on this issue , a good benchmark for
    monitoring the 15-20 years of construction traffic heading our way via
    mass housing sites around us all.
    In fact this “class action” by a United multi-party group could be a model
    for other issues that the parochial ‘Cabinet’ style Council are turning a
    blind eye to……

  • The yummy mummies could lead the way by leaving their 4×4’s at home and walking their precious little snowflakes to / from school. Triple whammy, less pollution, less congestion and less danger as they spend most of the time looking at the kids instead of what’s ahead.

  • James, well wouldn’t quite go that far but…In all seriousness though, a start would be to make rail fares affordable. For instance, just priced an off peak return for 2 persons Rayleigh to Chelmsford ( not that far away ) can you believe it would cost £26.40 !!!. My diesel car is very economical and I could travel about 250 miles for that. No wonder people use their cars.

  • Oz, agreed imagine taking your 2.4 children anywhere by train? The cost is simply prohibitive. Send me some BS PR talk from one of the railways telling me all about their wonderful family railcards blah blah blah. Then remind me that poor old Mum and Dad have spent all week stuck on the delayed, overpriced, under invested commuter trains to subsidise this pathetic attempt by the train operators to say they are family friendly. The railways are a disgrace. The national infrastructure of this country should never have been sold to the highest bidder. Next week my rant will be about BT!

  • These is another menace that gives off no fumes but is still as deadly…old wrinklies on Mobility Scooters. Went to Rayleigh yesterday and being market day it was busy. Nearly got mown down a couple of times (fear not fans, the Oz is OK, yes OK). They are a complete menace, understand that people with mobility issues still want to go out etc. but they need to show some consideration for other people on the pavement, yes, the pavement not the road. As far as I can tell these wrinkly racers need no training, license or, it seems, common sense. Might seem mildly amusing until you get hit by one. Mind you, they were probably cyclists until they became immobile…

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