Planning Application Confirmed For The 29th


It was confirmed to us today that the “North of London Road” outline planning application will come to the Development Committee on the 29th.

It’s worth repeating what we put in our latest Focus:

The meeting is in the Civic Suite in Rayleigh (opposite Holy Trinity Church). It is due to start at 7:30 p.m…….

….. You won?t be able to speak at the meeting but we do urge people to come along and listen. As your ward councillors we will be pointing out all the local concerns ? and will be hard to convince other councillors that we have problems like traffic and flooding if the public gallery is empty!

Over the last 30 years there?s been LOTS of development in West Rayleigh and Rawreth. Some of it has been very successful, for example in the Downhall Park Way area. But as each development has taken place, it has added to road congestion and put more pressure on our local infrastructure and facilities….

…..when it gets to the final stage of [being] a planning application, the rules change. No district councillor is allowed to make up their minds up in advance. (Including us, so although Ron and Chris will definitely point out residents? concerns we cannot decide in advance how we will vote). In the same way all councillors have to listen to the debate, and there are no party whips. So let?s see what happens ? we will be glad of your presence and your moral support.

  • Rayleigh Town Council has a prepared statement that the Chairman of the Planning Comm. of RTC will give at this meeting. This will reflect the views expressed at the RTC planning meeting when this application was discussed. Rawreth Parish will also be able to speak. Who will be the person from the general public? If only one is allowed to speak against. Is there someone from the public who will speak in favour of the development?

  • Yes who is speaking against for the public -how does this happen please ?.

    The last time I tried to ask a question the Councillor concerned ( Mr Hudson ) did’nt
    show up and instead Mr Cutmore read a statement that did’nt answer the question,
    and when tried to respond I was closed out by the Chair Lady ( Mrs Lumley ). Even
    though I had applied to speak weeks in advance , draw your own conclusions.

  • It seems all members of the public are allowed a voice if this development affects them so can I suggest all the armchair ‘generals’ get their act together and apply via RDC system to speak on the night. You have lots of issues you can develop. Traffic, flooding, safety (remember 10 years ago they refused Rayleigh Lawn Tennis development on South of London Road due to possible dangerous junction issues), lack of school and nursery places, doctors waiting times, Southend Hospital on regular ‘Black’ alert due to lack of staff and beds. There are more reasons to refuse this development. One being how many Councillors will declare a ‘conflict of interest’ as they know the landowner! Come on ladies and gents lets see how many can put a few sentences together to help protect this town.

    • Linda, I’m afraid the council protocol is that only one member of the public can speak against, and one member can (frequently the applicant) can speak in favour. Plus a speaker for each affected parish council.