Ron was gobsmacked to see that apparently someone has stolen four of the Photinia bushes from the newly planted hedge at Hambro Parade in Rawreth Lane, Rayleigh!

We are trying to get them replaced before the end of the planting season……

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  • Ron
    They actually vanished over a weekend about 6 to 8 weeks ago. Also one or two others have been damaged by inconsiderate parking. Its very sad to see the way some of our fellow beings have scant regard for our local environment.
    Pyrocanthia (spelling maybe incorrect!) might be less attractive!!

  • Pyracantha – less attractive? Definately not! I have a Photinia Red Robin hedge around the front of my house, and it is beautiful, no denying that, especially this time of year with new growth, but doesn’t offer what Pyracantha does. (I have this in my back garden.)

    Pyracantha has beautiful small flowers in the summer, followed by a flush of berries in autumn/winter which the birds love.

    We should be encouraging the use of this plant in our gardens if not just for the sake of our native birds, but also for the unwelcome visitor deterent factor thanks to its thorny personality!

    In places like the Hambro parade, this plant would be perfect, it would prevent those who are too lazy to walk around the plants from walking through them and destroying other planting. Just take a look at Priory Chase, along ASDA to get a good idea of what I mean.

  • Corey
    Thats what I meant; less attractive to pinch because the thorns can bite!! I have Pyracantha in my back garden, it looks good and provides a safe nesting place for blackbirds.


  • My apologies Graham, a clear misunderstanding there!

    I do hope that in future, the council consider landscaping with plants that can protect themselves, thus giving some aid to preventing theft, as well has supporting a shrinking wildlife!

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