Petition to Save The No1 and No3 Bus Service




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  • Mighty Oz, this is precisely the point ,a majority of the people using the service may be pensioners , but they have no other means of getting out to shop ,doctors,hospital appointments ,or even to enjoy themselves ! The bus company receives remuneration from County . Most paying passengers may well have their own transport but choose to use the bus ,which both services have been very unreliable over the years . It has isolated the villages of Rawreth ,Rettendon ,East Hanningfield and Howe Green . A taxi from Rawreth to Rayleigh could cost £20 each way ,makes a hole in the pension .

      • Interesting to know if it was running on schedule ,because this is the problem ,of their unreliability whether or not it turns up or not ,certainly the timetable has been a bit of fiction at times . Yes I have witnessed empty buses through here as well ,I have also seen several people at local bus stops waiting for over an hour ,missing appointments or late for work . The lucky ones have reverted to using their cars so adding to the daily congestion to be added to soon by our “well planned development ” .A well conducted public meeting was held in Rettendon on Thursday over 100 people attended let us hope that they will support any new service provided .

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