Peggy Pearse




We begin 2009 on a sombre note: we’ve heard of the recent death of Peggy Pearse, who was formerly a Liberal Democrat Councillor in Rayleigh, both on the District and Town Councils.

Peggy packed a lot into her long life. She was highly qualified in accountancy, and with late husband Chris ran a business of seven shops. When they moved to Rayleigh, they kept very active. Chris Pearse stopped Chris Black in Ferndale Road one day about 20 years ago with an offer to help deliver “Focus ” leaflets; Peggy went on to become even more involved, standing for election, winning a seat and getting to a pretty senior level on the District Council. She was diligent and a hard worker.

Peggy was a fine example of how people with business experience can serve their communities as a councillor.

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  • Just a correction in the name of accuracy. My mother left school very young with no qualifications. Her abilities were gained through hard work and experience. My parents had two shops: the Swap Shop in West Green Road Tottenham is still remembered with affection and, for a short while there was one in Westcliff.


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