“Party” News




We now believe that there will be some kind of party down Trenders Avenue over the bank koliday weekend.

We will write some more tomorrow when we have more information from the District Council.

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  • Chris,

    We cannot have a repeat the last weekend – it’s simply not acceptable. Is this now going to be a regular feature of our summers ?

    Knowing that some form of rave / party is going ahead means no excuses from the council or police – it has to be stopped.

  • i would like to thank the police who appear to have everyhing covered and are spending a lot of time to ensure that should this event take place it will not be allowed to continue. If anyone has missed the local policeman today the police helicopter will be flyng all over our area to report on any groups crossing the open fields. Just incase anyone wondered why it was here. It will be here all over the weekend.

    Lets hope we have no trouble

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