Parrett v Francois




It was one of those classic campaigning moments.

Three of us had just about finished in Vernon Avenue, when we found six Conservatives just starting in the road, including:

Mark Francois (MP)
Stephen Castle (County councillor for Rayleigh North)
Hilton Brown, (veteran Tory campaigner)
Jeremy Thomass, (Hockley councillor.)

Trevor Parrett and Mark Francois chatted for a minute or so, and then we let them get on with it…

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  • Perhaps Stephen Castle has seen your post “Stephen?”
    I have not met him but recall him as being a good speaker at the last County Elections.

    Mark Francois is normally friendly towards people from other parties and will make the effort to say a few words to a candidate.

    An interesting collection of Tories. Looks like you have got them working hard.

  • Stephen Castle was obviously making his annual visit to Rayleigh!!
    Does anyone know what they had to say on the doorstep?
    I hope they didn’t tell any fibs

  • Jeremy Thomass was also in Hullbridge so he must moving around. He obviously has no worries in Hockley.

    What other Tories have been seen on the campaign trail and where?

    Any sighting of Mr Spink helping his new UKIP friends yet?

  • Indeed – The warning of Francois’s strong aftershave on the wind, then the sight of an army of dark suits and big blue rosettes coming towards us!!!! All very friendly and very satisfying to see the smiles become strained as we confirmed that we had just finished the road they were about to start :0)

  • Angelina ,

    I suspect that Jeremy Thomass will be back in Hockley and Hullbridge for the end of the campaign. He enjoys elections and I’m not surprised that he really wants to get involved.

    As for Hockley North and Hullbridge, I hope that Lib Dem supporters there don’t stay at home on election day. I don’t want to see the B NP win…. I don’t know the Labour lady in Hockley, but Mike Carter, Peter Robinson and yourself are all decent people.

  • Forgot to mention there was a nice picture of Bob Spink with his new UKIP friends in Yesterday’s Echo. It included Janet Davies so he may turn up in Rayleigh yet.

  • Jeff, I guess it’s time for an update for you…. but there’s not much to say. Our side is still being hit by a virus, though the various medical reports are starting to improve!

    The Conservatives seem to be a bit spooked, unhappy with ‘a Lib Dem leaflet all across Central Ward’ at the weekend and “Lib Dems with a loudspeaker in Whitehouse”.

    Do you have any vibes from Ashingdon for us?

  • Good Luck to all with the Final Push. Here’s hoping we get a good turn out – Cmon everybody, telly’s rubbish on a Thursday night! It’s going to be close and we’d love the opportunity to build upon the fantastic work done locally by Jackie, Chris & Ron with a larger Lib Dem Team. Many thanks Angelina, see you at the count.

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