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  • Chris S and Chris B.

    It seems that our district is becoming a magnet for “Travellers” lately and with it all the associated problems. Can you please tell me what you will be doing, if elected, to combat this problem.

  • I am very concerned about this.

    It’s a difficult situation for councils because their legal powers are limited. However I would try to improve the situation by beefing up the planning enforcement team at Rochford – we only have two people in planning enforcement and have over 200 planning enforcement cases outstanding. I was pressing the point at Full Council this week but didn’t get any encouragement from the Conservatives.
    Whether or not I am elected I will still pursue this but being elected will give me a higher profile and a bit more influence – and hopefully more sources of information.

    • As district or county councillors you are not able to change the situation much as your powers are so limited. With the General Election coming that is where pressure is needed to change the Law on Trespass and give Landowners greater power to move illegal occupation on . This does not solve the problem as it then becomes someone else’s . There is no other solution than providing municipal sites which should be sustainable and strictly regulated . With Brexit some of our Irish Brethren may have to go back if they have committed any infringement . So ask the question off your prospective parliamentary candidate . Any new law should incorporate legislation on flytipping as this often goes hand in hand ,this imposes huge costs on both Local Government and private Landowners asI know to my cost!

  • Even if there were sustainable / well regulated sites there would be a limited number of places – so the same old problems would still exist ( as they do now ). This notion that the old world “Travellers” still exist and need to
    be catered for is a scam – we need rules on trespass / fly-tipping etc; to be enforced on those that do not conform
    with modern society rules…….so the real issue is cuts in Council and Policing budgets ( not multi millions building Traveller sites ).

  • I see that the latest “thing” is to set fire to waste / rubbish that you have collected….look at the trailer on the lay-by on the A1245 near to the railway bridge. Now who could have done that…..

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