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  • Yes, vote for Ron Tindall, the bloke that doesn’t even live in the county let alone Rayleigh. Still I suppose we shouldn’t really be bothered, there’s about as much chance of Tiny Tim and he’s Flower Pot men ( weeeeeed, oh weeeeed ) getting power than seeing Elvis in ASDA.

  • Oz, we have had this discussion in previous elections… 😉

    What i will say is, Conservative Teddy Tayler was parachuted in from as Glasgow to stand for election in Southend – and I remember at the time the Liberals slated him for that. But he got in, and turned out to be one of the best ever constituency MPs in south Essex.

  • Admin, yes we have. I don’t doubt Ron’s sincerity in standing for election but this is the second time the Lib Dems have proposed a candidate from “outside”. At least be up front about it and please no more criticism of others who stand for elections that only live a few miles away. Your a good bunch of honest guys, just don’t do it, please.

    • Hi Oz. Actually its a third time!
      Speaking personally, I think there’s a big difference between parliamentary elections and council elections.. but opinions will differ..

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