Our Choice For Rayleigh and Wickford – Ron Tindall

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We are putting up an experienced campaigner to contest the Rayleigh and Wickford constituency
Ron Tindall has spent many years as a local and county councillor, is a former trade union organiser, and is an ardent campaigner against domestic abuse. Not content with all that, Ron at 60 dedicated six years to earning a BA in history with first class honours from the Open University. He is therefore very concerned about school budget cuts.

Ron said this week: “I look forward to fighting for the Liberal Democrats in the Rayleigh and Wickford seat. I accept the result of the Brexit vote and am right behind our leader Tim Farron in his call for a second referendum on the terms of Brexit. The vote called for us to leave the EU but nobody voted for the Conservatives/UKIP hard Brexit which will leave our children and grandchildren an unholy mess to survive”.

“This Tory government has done – and continues to do – untold damage to this country with their hard, right-wing policies. They must be challenged and challenged again to restore a caring and decent society that works for everyone – not just newspaper magnates and billionaires”.

“That being said, I am also aware that local issues are just as important. I’m very concerned by the proposed changes to the A&E departments at Southend, Basildon and Chelmsford hospitals while we need to upgrade the area’s over-congested road network. Health, education housing and social care are also very high on my agenda.”

  • History shows that extreme left or extreme right is’nt a formulae for long term success , that suggests that a balance between the two is where we should be – why then does this never seems to be a reality ?.
    With just 3 weeks to campaign against a large right wing majority this will need some clear and widely published solutions to both local and national issues , frankly ” accepting the Brexit vote…….but wanting a re-run of the vote ”
    is widely published but not a clear statement .
    Only targeting important local issues ( Services / Infrastructure / Gridlock ) will create a protest vote and there is ver6
    little time left to do so…..

  • Mr Tindall, you say ” The vote called for us to leave the EU but nobody voted for the Conservatives/UKIP hard Brexit which will leave our children and grandchildren an unholy mess to survive”. That’s a very sweeping assumption, what quantifiable proof do you have to back that up ?

  • Oz, don’t single out one party in respect of claims made prior to Election Day , if you look at all of them it is embarrassing – all so obviously designed sound bites in the scaramble to appeal to the electorate, they will
    all vapourize the other side of 8th June ( FACT ) – example this morning –
    “Only the poor will now receive the fuel allowance , in order to fund old age care ” – pressed for the threshold
    wealth figure to qualify , it was avoided several times then claimed it was subject to a ‘consultation’ and we all
    know what that means don’t we……….( Land North of London Rd / Hullbridge site were all subject to consultation,
    then ignored – same again ….? ).

  • “To answer the question directly, I have no crystal ball, but if Theresa May couldn’t control non-EU immigration in her six years at the Home Office, what makes you think she will be a successful Prime Minister? I voted to remain in the referendum but accept that a very narrow majority voted to leave the EU. However, such a simplistic question did not address the questions of how? when? and what would we be left with? The UK is being lead into negotiations by a government riven by factions to the extent that the PM has had to call a General Election so that she can control her own rebels. There also seems little recognition by the government of what the European Countries are prepared to negotiate on. The attitude of the government towards Europe is creating a negative atmosphere which does not bode well and I fear for the future of my grandchildren under the party of permanent austerity as our economy collapses. In this climate I fully support the Liberal Democrat policy of giving the UK the opportunity to vote on the terms of our exit.

  • The UK joined a trading “Common Market” that over time morphed into a Federal European Union without any definition or consultation in respect of our membership – why should we not leave on the same terms?.

    Seriously, we employ a Government ( the management ) to run the country , we cannot realistically function with
    numerous matters being cross-checked via the populace ( the workers ) at every turn – but I share your concerns
    due to consistently inept short-term outlook Governance regardless of which party , I think we end up with people
    voting on the basis of the lesser of two evils.

  • If the BBC news coverage gets anymore left wing they might as well change the theme tune to the Red Flag. The biased reporting is nothing short of disgraceful.

    • Thats’ funny Oz. I would have said the bias is *(slightly ) in the opposite direction. Which probably means they are doing their job, because we are both hearing things that we don’t want to hear!

  • It’s funny how every single Remoaner can predict with absolute certainty that the UK leaving the EU will be a disaster. Yes, an event that will not happen until 2 years time and terms not even agreed yet. Perhaps you can let me have the lottery numbers for next Sat.

  • Can someone explain why a bomb maker who plans to use it in a built up area is a murdering terrorist but someone who says they would use an atomic bomb is not?

  • With respect Bruce that is not a fair comparison – the Nuclear threat has ( for decades ) been seen as a deterrent and
    is’nt available to an individual , although with the rise in the number of rogue / despot leaders is a growing possibility.

    Whereas ( typically last night ) an improvised gun ,bomb , vehicle or suicide vest is a conscious decision by an individual ( terrorist ) or terrorist group ( IRA ) in order to get their own way – plain and simple a purely selfish aim.

    We need draconian measures ( not restrained by political correctness ) to minimise this threat , like a clamp down on freedom of movement accross boarders and within what has become ghetto areas within our own country.

  • Whoa there Jim, control our borders ! restrain freedom of movement ! Next thing you’ll be branded a Tory/UKIP racist with a posse of do goody lefties wanting to beat you to death with rolled up copies of the Guardian.

  • Mr Tindall, much has been made on this site in the past about candidates who do not live in the area. I see from the electoral list of nominees your address is shown as:

    2 Slippers Hill, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 5XT

    Can I please ask you, is this correct or do you actually live in the constituency you are standing for ?