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Chris Black is likely to be on BBC Essex tomorrow morning – live (gulp!!) – at about 8.15 am.

He’ll be talking about Asda for a minute or two.

Any thoughts on what he should say?

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  • That the REAL Asda price is:

    a) the price that local residents have to pay in putting up with the new supermarket as opposed to the local store which was promised
    b) the price that Asda will have to pay after causing so much anger and frustration to local residents with their superficial “we listen to the local community” spiel, when in fact they just want to maximise profit while actually ignoring residents’ views.

    That’s Asda price!

  • a) the jobs that the store will generate.

    b) how the area has needed a development like this for years.

    c) how much greener it will be for people to be able to walk to a local store that stays open after most people get home from work.

  • You could ask why Philip Bartram (asda) who was quoted in the Echo as saying they were working closely with the local community who when rung and asked exactly what Asda were doing for the local community would not reply and said he would ring back and still a week later he has not rung back!

  • How when you put two juggernauts like ASDA and a District Council like Rochford together, the local people have no say whatsoever in what they would like to happen in THEIR neighbourhood unless there is a concerted campaign similar to the one which stopped the 1800 being built in Rayleigh.

    How when Rochford District Council and ASDA found that the original store plan was too big for the area and so scaled the store back, how new application after new application soon brought the store back to probably its glorious original size!

    How the housebuilders conveniently forgot to tell some of the prospective buyers of their houses that an ASDA store was to be built within a stones throw of their houses.

    And finally how a store like ASDA (and if truth be known, most other mega stores) have absolutely and completely no respect for residents at all.

    I could go on……..

  • I seriously doubt that many people will walk to their local Asda store, after all, how many people live just around the corner from their children’s school and yet insist on driving their SUV to it instead of walking?

  • Nice to hear that the Chairman of Rayleigh Town Council has been asked to the grand opening of this cookoo in our nest.
    The local members who led the (unsuccessful) fight against this monster have, of course not been invited!!

  • Interesting to listen to Chris this morning on the way to work. Asda’s pledge to the community (I missed the actual broadcast) seemed to revolve around giving up to 4% of the store space up to stock local produce. Whilst laudable to support the local producers and give the residents access to a diverse range of products, it probably doesn’t compensate for the irritation of living near or in some cases next to a huge supermarket.

    I thought that Chris raised some interesting points regarding the expected use of the land for an NHS care centre. I note that the store is nearing completion, but there doesn’t seem to be any sign of the community buildings or little cafe/shops. Another empty promise?? Is anyone keeping check of such things??

    I consider myself lucky to have a narrow escape from the Coppice Gate development, I just hope that Asda work with the local community to avoid any long lasting impact to the quality of life.

  • Hi Steve, very nice to hear from you. The interview went reasonably well. I hope – I’m not skilled in this sort of thing!

    The 4 percent figure came from me – as a kind of marker for how serious Asda are taking this.

    There is no sign of the smaller buildings. and it worries me. Last time I asked the District Council to inquire, Asda said they were in confidential negotiations.

  • Interesting to note that the local residents have not been invited to the grand opening either – and we are the poor suckers that have had to endure the noise, dust and disruption everyday for the past who knows how long and on some days up to the early hours!

    Tesco will still get my custom, I would rather have a somewhat larger carbon footprint (and offset some other way) than give Asda my money!

  • Given the track record of ASDA to date we need to keep a very close eye on the plans for the rest of the site. I would not trust them, or the council planning dept, further than I could throw them.

    Chris / Ron – I guess you are on the case ?

  • We were promised another meeting once the store manager was appointed to discuss operational matters that could not be answered at our April meeting. He has been appointed and the store will be open shortly – no sign of any communication with local residents on any of the matters raised, all empty promises as usual.

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