Oh no, they’ve done it again!




This week Chris had his article published in the Rayleigh Times which criticised the Conservatives for:

  • delaying decisions that should be taken at committee meetings
  • by creating “working parties” to meet during the day
  • when there’s plenty of time to spare at the evening meetings
  • Well , last night’s meeting was supposed to decide ( after many previous months of discussions) how many councillors we should have on the planning committee. (at the moment all 39 councillors are on it),

    Guess what:

  • the committee delayed making a decision
  • it’s created a working party that will probably meet during the day
  • the meeting finished at 8.15 pm (couldn’t they have carried on until 10.00 pm and sorted it out in 1 night?)
  • Come on guys, you are supposed to the party of business!

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