Number 3 Bus Service to Cease




We’ve received multiple reports that the number 3 service is to be withdrawn from service at the end of this year.

We are currently looking into what alternative will be made available as clearly this isn’t a good situation for anyone that relies on public transport to get ‘out and about’

Judging by our post here, there was a demand for this service. Please comment below if the withdrawal of this service affects you. We will update readers as soon as we are able to find out some more information.

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  • My mum relies on the no 3 almost daily. She is recently widowed and has lung disease. She cannot walk the length of Rarewth lane to the next bus route and cannot afford the £20 per day it would cost her in taxis just to get to and from Rayleigh.
    Im sure there others in the same situation that currently use this service.
    Once the no 3 stops running my Mum will not be able to go shopping and will be confined to her home.
    Is this right?
    I believe it is morally wrong !

  • I will be sad to see the going of the number three service. However Regal never had there heart in providing the service as drivers frequently left out parts of the route and became rude when you said you needed a stop on the missing part of the journey.

  • I’ve often seen the No3 bus during the day with less than 3 to 4 people on it, how can you expect a business to run a loss making service. So what do you suggest, use tax payers money to subsidise it ? I don’t think so.

  • Both my husband and I frequently use the No.1 to Chelmsford and are very disappointed to hear that Regal buses are being withdrawn. It only makes for more cars on the roads! Come on First or Arriva can’t you run a service to cover these routes?

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