Noise And The Airport

Rochford Life also have an interview with David Lister, Operations Director of London Southend Airport.

Here’s a bit about night flights:


Rochford Life: David how long have you been in this role?
David: I?ve been here since January 2013. Alistair moved on in July. He was the managing director and I?m, in essence, the lead director here at the airport, but I am not the Managing Director as such; they haven?t replaced Alistair but I am doing a large part of what his role entailed. My role is running the airport, effectively, ?all of the aspects associated with that.

RL: When I spoke to Alistair I am sure he once said, we?re not allowed night flights after a certain time. Does that still apply?
David: Basically, as part of our planning permissions and agreements with the Local Council we agree to restrict night flights and so between the hours of 23.30 and 06.30 we have a cap on the number of flights that exist and between the hours of 23.00 and 23.30 we also control the number of flights. I think it is an average of about four per night.

I presume that gets heavier in the summer and lighter in the winter, does it?
David: No, we have one scheduled passenger movement between 23.00 and 06.30 every day and that doesn?t change summer to winter and the rest is just ad hoc flights, we don?t schedule any movements, so it?s not a major part of our business.

So that would include planes that come here for repair and maintenance, I assume?
David: That would be included in that, yes. The only exceptions are if a flight is scheduled to come in at 23.00 say and it was late, then that is not counted as part of that quota. There is in fact a very significant reduction in night flights, because there was no restriction previously, before the airport expanded and today.