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As councillors, we don’t always manage to get things done that residents ask us to do. A good example are ‘No Through Road’ signs.

People living in quiet cul-de-sacs where children play often ask us for one of these signs. They see heavy vehicles driving into their road by mistake, thinking it is a through route, and they are worried about children’s safety.

So we’ve been asking for the the “T-sign” no-through-road plates to be added onto the streetname plates at Ely Way , Farm View and Kelso Close in Rayleigh. (In the case of Farm View, there already is one plate, we are asking for one on the other side of the road)

Ely Way - some drivers think it is a through route

When we asked the County Council they replied to us as follows:

Subsequent to your last e-mail I have visited Downhall Park Way, and have the following comments to make. The road is marked as ‘No Through Road’ on the street name plate at the junction with Rawreth Lane, as are many of the roads leading off of it, to the east. However, I did notice that the street name plates for Ely Way, and Canterbury Close do not have the ‘No Through Road’ sign incorporated into them, which may be the reason why vehicles turn into them. As Rochford District Council supply the street signs, I have requested that they replace the existing signs with ones with ‘No Through Road’ incorporated into them.

When we’ve asked the District Council, they say:

this has been passed to ECC Highways for them to follow-up as it is an area for which they are responsible.

So there seems to be a little bit of confusion here . We’re sure that residents aren’t happy with the lack of progress, but we hope it will be sorted out soon.

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