“No Space at Local Schools”




We were very disturbed to hear from the parents of a Rayleigh eleven year old boy who has just finished at Glebe School. The County Council cannot offer him a secondary school place in Rayleigh – apparently Sweyne Park and Fitzwimarc are both full. Instead he has been offered a place at a school on Canvey – 3 bus rides away.

The parents are obviously deeply unhappy about this and would be interested to contact other parents in a similar situation – they believe there are about 18 pupils not able to get into Sweyne Park School, for example. Please let us know if your family is in a similar situation, and we will pass your details on.

We have not yet contacted the schools or the County Council ourselves on this issue – so we have not heard their side of the story. For example, it may be that each of the 18 families missed the December deadline for handing in the application forms, or there may be other special circumstances.

Even so, it is a very serious situation. We have been arguing for years that there has been too much development in Rayleigh – and residents have been agreeing with us. Its about time the County Council and the District Council realised it as well.

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