No Costs for The Refurbishment of The Mill Hall Revelation

In an astonishing revelation by the leader of the Rochford District Council, he announced that the he did not know the costs to refurbish The Mill Hall Arts & Events centre during the pre-application webinar held last night.

Residents from across the community sent many questions into the Council prior to the meeting and also during the meeting. Many of these questions posed challenging questions for the Council over traffic (will the Council contribute to infrastructure upgrades?), loss of amenity, reduced parking in the Mill Hall car park (loss of around 40 spaces), they felt the new development ‘hemmed’ in the Rayleigh Windmill and the reduced capacity of the new community hall.

Of course, the Council tried in vain to rebut many of these concerns but we felt they generally failed to reassure residents. How the Council responds to this outpouring of support to Save the Mill Hall is yet to be seen and whether the Council stands good on their “this is just a proposal” claim.

The Lib Dems are calling for a full public consultation and perhaps if the Council had engaged with residents BEFORE they proceeded to this stage, they may have been somewhat wiser about how valuable a public asset, the Mill Hall is to its residents.

If you missed the webinar catch up with the recording over on our YouTube channel here

  • I note from Simon Wooton’s reported comments in today’s Echo that he considers resident’s misgivings to be “rubbish”.
    does this mean that ,as a member of the Development Committee, he has already made up his mind to vote for
    approval of any planning application that will be forthcoming?

  • Does anyone know what our MP’s position is on the subject of the Mill Hall development? The proposed Community Hall will back onto his local office.