Next Flood Forum Meeting – 10 am Monday December 15th




brook in rawreth

From the District Council Website:

The [next] meeting of the Forum for Surface Water Flooding Issues will be held at 10am on Monday, December 15, at the Civic Suite, Rayleigh, and members of the public are welcome to attend.

Although Rochford District Council is not directly responsible for flood-related issues, it set up the Forum to bring together agencies including Essex Highways, Anglian Water, the Environment Agency and the Essex County Council Flood Management Team in order to tackle ongoing issues together.

The purpose of these meetings is to find out who is responsible for various watercourses, ditches and drains, and then try to ensure that those responsibilities are complied with.

Deputy Leader of Rochford District Council and Deputy Chairman of the Forum, Councillor Keith Hudson, said: ?At the last meeting more than 30 hotspots were discussed in relation to flooding. This meeting will review these sites to ensure that progress is being made in relation to the necessary maintenance work.”…

….The latest meeting has had to be scheduled for the morning as it proved impossible for the various agencies, who are extremely busy in the run-up to Christmas, to attend an evening meeting….

It will still disappoint some residents that they will have to take a morning off work if they want to attend this meeting.

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  • I’ve been ploughing my way through the revised Outline Planning Doc ( in respect of Flooding ) – voluminous and repetitive , and sufficiently worrying frankly, you might want to take a peek at some random paragraphs:-
    # this one above claims August 2013 flooding was due to blocked screens in the culvert, whereas the houses in question were in the way of the water on its route to the culvert.
    People in Laburnum Close might want to read the last one (5.5.3 )

  • If you really want to get annoyed read para 3.2.2
    Explains that most of the housing will ( as a policy ) go on zone 1 – low risk areas,
    But ( given the shortage of land to meet housing quotas ) may build on zone 3 – high risk areas , so as not to consume more Green Belt land , what a bare faced insult to the public at large . They are proposing twice as many houses than are needed on Green Belt ( instead of numerous Brown Field sites ) and could encroach on inevitable
    flood risk areas just to meet the fictitious quotas – I hope you are all going to attend on 29/01/15…..Civic Suite , Rayleigh.

  • Summary – as this is only the outline stage this document only identifies methods and criteria to be complied with in terms of flood risks , there are no calculations to prove the design rules are met – this will be tabled at the detailed planning application.
    For me it begs the question – who at RDC ( the planning approval authority ) has the expertise and will be held responsible for making sure Countryside get it right?.WHY –

    The only criteria for downstream ( Rawreth Village ) discharge is that it will not exceed
    current run-off rate from the fields – which at times causes flooding in the village !!!, so
    if they get it wrong ……….
    I really hope that the Parish Council / Rawreth Flood Forum have got an expert lined up to review the detailed design when it is made available – in the 21 days allowed.

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