New Planning Application:16 Homes At Fairways Garden Centre in Hullbridge Road

A new planning application is just in, for 16 homes at Fairways Garden Centre in Hullbridge Road:

Application Reference:17/00431/OUT

Planning Portal Reference Number: PP-06028788

Address Of Proposal:Fairways Garden Centre , Hullbridge Road, Rayleigh, SS6 9QS

Proposal: Outline Application to Demolish Commercial and Retail Units and Construct 4no. Two Bedroom, 8no. Three Bedroom Dwellings and 4no. Four Bedroom Dwellings (16 Dwellings in Total) With Access Onto Hullbridge Road.

Type of Application: Outline Application

You can find it on the council website here.

As always with planning applications, we are very happy to hear your views but the District Councillors will not express an opinion ourselves, as we have to keep an open mind until it comes to committee.

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  • No thanks. Next step will be a line of housing linking along Hullbridge Road. Is this green belt or will it slip through as a use of a brown field site.

  • Let’s get back local ! A bit of news that readers might not be aware of. I see that we are losing, or have lost, 3 more businesses in the high st. Rayleigh Fruit & Veg is closing in Aug, such a shame, going on line only. Store 21 ( opposite the clock ) has shut and court papers stuck on the door and the Fusion Restaurant ( used to be Pings / Yings ) has shut.

    I really hope they are taken by up by more retail and please, no more bars, coffee shops or nail parlours.

    • It is a great pity to lose the Rayleigh Fruit and Veg – good variety, good quality, friendly service. Sell good local (Rawreth) marmalade as well. My understanding is that competition from the market and Marks and Spencer didn’t help, but there is at least one other reason.
      The Fusion restaurant seemed very expensive.

  • Another business has succumbed to the pressure of competition – Head Hunters a mens barber in Berry’s Arcade. I have repeatedly said on RTC that the town needs to be competitive with shopping places like Lakeside but I fear it will be too late. Parking £1.20 for an hour how can this be justified? They literally are extorting money out of the public for the ‘privilege’ of parking for short periods – In Wales on a recent visit £1.50 for 5 hours – Yes 5 HOURS – we need to offer our shoppers more value – the Tories didn’t think so as they killed off the Town Team just as I joined RTC. Pay on exit has been mentioned to me on numerous occasions by residents – why should we clock watch when we are enjoying ourselves in one of the eateries?

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