New Planning Application In Rayleigh High Street

There’s a new planning application that’s recently come in. It’s for 57 to 61 High Street Rayleigh, which we think includes Santander Bank, New Look and Elliott and Smith, the new estate agents. You can find the application on the council website here.

The application is described as:

Shopfront Alterations , Erection of First Floor Corridor and Change of Use From A2 (Bank) to A3 (Restaurant)

We’ve haven’t checked with officers on this but the documents indicate a change from a mix of banking and retail to a mix of retail and restaurants:

santander 2

santander 1

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  • i oppose to a restran t b eing made and getting rid of shops that are there we have more than enough food places and defiantly dont need anymore i go to the shops that are trying to get rid of a\nd no waz\y we don t want a restraunt or anything else to replace thankyou

  • What else can they do to ruin Rayleigh we want to keep Santander bank not a another food place how can we vote for such idiots to run our council. Its about time they took notice about what we want not what suits them.[img]undefined[/img]

  • As a former Rayleigh resident I have seen a town which was once a lovely place to live in turn into a place where you would be wary of having a late evening out.

    We now only visit Rayleigh town centre in the day and steer clear of the evenings.

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