More on the New Local Plan – Issues and Options

Residents will be urged to take part in the forthcoming consultation on the new Local Plan. Key subject matters are

  • Economic Development Needs
  • Retail and Leisure Needs
  • Duty to Cooperate
  • Highways
  • Gypsy and Travellers Accommodation Assessment
  • Infrastructure
  • Grow On Space

The relevant papers can be found here

As usual please comment if you need more information. We will publish the dates of the consultation once the planning sub committees recommendation have been approved by full council at the end of November.

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  • Got to say that the Rochford District map accompenian this thread is quite an
    eye opener – using the Airport logo it clearly illustrates the relatively small area at the West of the District and the large ( mostly undeveloped ) Eastern area.

    Consistently we see the lions share of new ‘developments’ proposed for the
    small ( already congested ) West side – see the other thread (SHEELA ) map.

    We are bereft of people with vision , the much publicised “dumbing down” in
    Britain applies equally to the Central & Local Governance , the pre-occupation
    with London-centric thinking precludes thinking outside the box.

    The bigger South Essex picture is – from Thurrock through to Southend there
    are now 100,000 ( and growing ) new homes proposed via Council Local Plans
    which will impact us all via 20 years of Construction Site Traffic. That will be followed by the ongoing loading impact of at least 300,000 additional people.

    The most graphic way to illustrate that is – this represents the addition of seven
    South Woodham Ferrers New Towns complete with support Infrastructure ( Town Centre / Commercial Park / Industrial Estate / Doctors-Dentists / Emergency Services / Support Services / Liesure facilities…….etc; ).

    NO , tell you what we’ll do just build them around the existing failing networks.

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