New Application At Timber Grove For 83 Dwellings And A Replacement Care Home




There’s a new planning application at Timber Grove, off London Road. You can find it on the district council website here.

Application Reference:16/00899/FUL

Address Of Proposal:Timber Grove, London Road, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 9DT

Proposal:Demolition of existing care home and all other buildings, erection of 83 dwellings comprising 5no. two bed houses, 25no. three bed houses, 16no. fourbed houses, 3no. five bed houses, 19no. one bed flats (including 4no. ‘FOG’ units) and 15no. two bed flats, construction of replacement part single andpart two storey 13 bedroom care home, associated parking and landscaping, stopping-up of existing access, and improvement of existing access ontoLondon Road.




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  • Thought entrance road to Rayleigh Sports was owned by RDC.? Going to be used as access to developement ? Presumably the northern part of the plot will not be used because of flood risks . Shame it was not combined with the plot to the west of the petrol station to just have one exit onto London Road ,but no just like Rawreth Lane a series of unconnected small estates all inward looking with no sense of community cohesion .

  • An active Badger Sett lies within this site , I have reported this proposal to the Badger Protection League – like I did last time , though no doubt it will be ignored by RDC yet again.

  • Admin. As the Councillor responsible for this area are you acting to request the benefit, in received revenue, of the use of the land owned by the RDC for road access to this site ( Land owned on RDC’s ‘cash strapped’, residents behalf). This substantial development could not precede without sufficient access so the land is termed ‘ a ransom strip’ and is of great value.
    I noted no benefit was demanded in agreeing the pedestrian access for the ‘land adjacent to Grange Villa’ that was granted approval in September although it gives ready access to additional parking within the RTTSC curtilage , again owned by RDC on residents behalf.
    Are the Financial bods at RDC appraised of the value of such property that would benefit the RDC budget? Money received would help keep our much needed town centre toilets operating! I would like an answer as to is responsible for gifting such public benefit, to developers, if no revenue is shown to have been received.

  • So giving away public land , building over wildlife ( Badger Sett ) , threatening
    the sports facilities at RTSSC , overloading the London Rd , impacting a sensitive water run-off area – quite a CV that RDC Councillor’s are writing for themselves…..

  • Good to know that an application is in for a car park on top of the three under 7 years of age football pitches Rayleigh Boys and Girls have on the site and have had for over 12 years.The Club is not even consulted with by anybody. As remarked by Mr Cripps yet again the profits of the developers takes president over infrastructure ,Animals and the youth of the soon to be created super town.

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